Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Grymn for Necromunda

I recently downloaded the rules for Necromunda free from the Games Workshop site and have decided that it would be fun to build a gang for the rule-set.

I have gone for an Enforcer gang and it will consist of:

Patrol Team One:
1xSgt - Power Maul, Bolt Pistol
1xHandler - Power Maul, Bolt Pistol
1xCyber Mastiff - Teeth, Grrrrr
1xEnforcer - Grenade Launcher, Bolt Pistol
2xEnforcer - Power Maul, Suppression Shield

Patrol Team Two:
4xEnforcer - Bolt Gun, Bolt Pistol
1xEnforcer - Heavy Stubber, Bolt Pistol

The idea is that Patrol Team One acts as the lighter part of the gang, patrolling the streets and travelling in the Ronin APC (Only fluff wise...the vehicle won't be used in game) and Patrol Team Two is the emergency response side of things; flying into the street in an anti-grav vehicle and deploying to support the other team when things get rough.

I have all of the miniatures and vehicles I need and have done the basic conversion work on everything. I just need to crack out the Green-Stuff and sculpt all the details on now.

They will end up looking similar to my old Judges:

The new Enforcers will be painted slightly differently and the second patrol will have full face helmets to represent their heavier assault role. I will be putting them all on the standard type of slotta bases and not on the round edged bases that are in the pic above.

Stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Learning the game.

There are times that I think to myself..."Why?"

"Why do I let these little tiny ideas build up momentum so quickly?"


Salute opened my eyes to a small idea and that idea was 'Grymn in Necromunda'.

I have looked over at the Games Workshop site and have discovered that you can get the rules for free, as a PDF so I downloaded the rules and have started reading them.

I have got as far as printing off a gang roster sheet and am in the process of deciding which of the gangs most suit the Grymn. I think that the best two options are House Van-Saar and the Security Patrol (Enforcers...Judge Grymn???).

I am unable to decide which way to go at the moment but will be pawing over the rules until I can come up with a suitable both roster and miniature form.

Watch this space because it is likely to be a bit of a departure for me.

Just to add a bit of a footnote here, if you have any ideas or links to share, feel free to leave comments :) because I am a 'green-horn' when it comes to Necromunda.