Sunday, 5 January 2014

Some support in 2014

It is time to blow the dust off again and make some noise about some new support options for the Grymn. The newest releases from Hasslefree miniatures include two sprues of options for the Powered Armour troopers.

First up, we have a back-pack that has a rail rifle and small rocket pod on it:


Next we have a special little sprue that replaces the Powered Armour arms with mechanical versions. This is designed to turn your Grymn Powered Armour into a mecha for 15mm, 10mm or 6mm games:


Both of these sprues have been designed and originally printed by John Bear Ross and cast up by Hasslefree Miniatures for sale. John has been creating miniatures using 3d programmes for many years and has worked for many companies and this little project was an excellent collaboration... I sincerely hope to see more in the future (especially seeing as the shoulders have a socket for any number of weapon options).

So now I've mentioned powered armour, I'd best show some off:

The ones above are the first two fire-teams for my Urban Army platoon. The one below is a demonstration of the new components that I have linked to above:

It is a good start to the new year. Hopefully, Kev will get the resin special forces Grymn cast in metal soon... and maybe sculpt a few others to go with him.

We can live in hope!