Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tweaking the colour scheme

After posting up the previous picture of the test Grymn for the Mechanised armour, I decided that the brown areas were lacking something so I went and had a look through my paints and existing miniatures and thought that Dark Flesh would work better on the boots and gloves with Calthan Brown making for darker webbing.

Here is what I have changed:

So we now have this:

I am much happier with the darker look to the boots,gloves and webbing with the overall look of the miniature being darkened a little. Here is a comparison picture:

I think you'll agree that the darker look improves things.

Now we have the paint scheme sorted, I will look to be adding the insignia to the helmet. At the moment, I don't have the required decals but I will try to provide some sort of pictorial device to show my plans.

Friday, 27 January 2012

The New Model Army

I have finished the first test model for my new Grymn army and here is what I have so far:

After finishing the first one, I think I need to darken the boots, gloves and pouches so I am thinking that the gloves/boots will be either Calthan Brown or Dark Flesh with the pouches being Vermin Brown (the colour the boots are at the moment). I am planning on trying a further test model to make sure I am correct in my assumptions before I launch in to a full army.

Even if I alter the basic colours, if I paint a few in a similar fashion, I can sprinkle them throughout the units as older style kit so the test models won't go to waste.

I want to get the scheme right so I am hoping that the second one works.

More to come.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A new army begins.

This is just a short post to say that I have started on the next Grymn army; a mechanised urban force. I am currently in the process of painting the test scheme, ready to repeat many times.

Watch this space because once I get started, I need to keep the momentum up.

I am starting with a basic infantry platoon and will be focussing on the troops first while assembling the vehicles in the back ground. The troops will be painted first, then marked up. Next the vehicles will all be painted and then marked up together. Once the platoon is all painted and marked up, they will be varnished and then I can get on with the next platoon.

I have enough vehicles for two platoons so I reckon I'll have enough to keep me busy for about six or eight months before I have to buy more from Old Crow.

Once I have the first Grymn finished, I will post pix of the process, the colour choices and the finished product. I will also post information on organisation and ideas for further development.

These are certainly interesting times and they are WAY over due.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quiet but not forgotten.

It has been exceptionally quiet here lately and I thought it was time I waxed lyrical about the wonders of the whole Grymn universe.

In the beginning, Kev sculpted a few Grymn and came up with a very loose back-story about them being genetically made slaves for a superior race...added to that there were a few racial traits and that was about it.

The range has expanded a lot since then and there are new troops popping up every now and again, along with some interesting tech to go with the Walker in my last post...but there is still no real back story and that means that the Grymn can be 'WHAT THE HELL YOU LIKE!!!'

I have talked about Grymn in different camouflage schemes and operating in different environments. They can be assembled in armies, small adventuring parties or even explorer crews. With a little bit of creative thinking, they can be mixed with other races to make mercenary crews and you cane even add some standard Dwarf models, with a little conversion, to give them a more personalised look.

At Salute last  year, they were all the rage for Necromunda gangs and can be used in a lot of rulesets as stand-ins for regular armies (WH40k, Void1.1, No-Limits, Stargrunt...etc...).

That makes Grymn very versatile.

I have been collecting Grymn for a few years now and have put together a few armies, with many more ideas in the pipeline but it doesn't take a huge amount of miniatures to make a hard-hitting little force. With the addition of a walker or two and some APCs or IFVs, a platoon of troops would make quite an impact on the tabletop.


...I like armies and I am hoping to start on my next one very soon. I am planning on taking you through the process from start to finish and posting it on here. From deciding on organisation, bases, miniatures, vehicles and all many things to getting the work done so that I have finished miniatures on the table.

My plan is to build up a force one platoon at a time. I will start with a standard infantry platoon; including the transport and support that goes with it.

It should be an interesting journey...