Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is that a...ROBOT?

I've been thinking about the whole host of sci-fi out there and have been wondering about all of the options for support.

The idea that Grymn would go to war on foot in masses of troop formations is great but what would they use to support them?

Would they use tracked armoured vehicles for transport and heavy fire-power? Are they advanced enough to use anti-grav vehicles? what about hovercraft like Hammer's Slammers use? Maybe they would use buggies, trucks and huge land-crawlers. Alternatively, they could use walkers, like in Star Wars, for transport and support? Finally, how about skimmers, helicopters or drop-ships?

I suppose that all of the above options...even a mix of different ideas, could be perfectly viable as support options for your Grymn army. I would say that one of the most important things to consider is what sort of battlefield the army would be fighting in and how they actually fight.

It would be foolish to think that a giant land-crawler would be very good at carrying out urban would it fit between the buildings for a start? A heavily wooded/jungle covered area would make any sort of vehicle a liability but maybe walkers would be of use? What about desert ops with trucks? Things could get bogged down quickly...

When deciding on the support, the terrain won't just affect the choice of vehicle, it will affect the choice of colour scheme and to a certain extent, the whole theme of the army.

Will all of the army get transport? Will some be using jump-packs? Maybe some will be mounted on bikes or even local animals for transport? Maybe, the only transport will be what they can cling on to...the side of a tank or skimmer even?

There is so much to choose from out there and so many rules systems that you could use to tie everything together that deciding on what direction you want to take is better done before you start the army needs leadership and that starts with knowing your assets and learning how to use them effectively.

Failing to planning to fail ;)...

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