Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paper...I forgot to mention paper!

In both of my previous posts I mentioned all sorts of model making options for providing both air and ground support for your Grymn armies.

I am one of those army collectors who like a bit of solidity to my vehicles and am prepared to pay what I think is fair for that privilege. I am not alone when it comes to liking a bit of weight to my vehicles, HOWEVER...there is another option...paper vehicles.

I may look down my nose at paper models but there is a huge amount of merit to them. First of all, there are loads of sci-fi paper models out there, many covering subjects like available video-game vehicles and the more unusual film well as the standard 'home-made' designs so there is plenty of variety to chose from. Secondly, you don't have to build them with paper or can download the plans and build them with plasticard so that you get the solidity and weight that scratch-building provides without having to come up with your own designs. There is also the matter of price. Once you have spent a small amount of money to download the PDF for the plans, you can print them as many times as you like...that means a one off purchase can provide you with hundreds of vehicles if you wish. You can also change the scale of the plans just by adjusting your printer settings. Many of the paper models also come with a choice of colours in the PDF so that you can have a set of vehicles for all occasions and in different colours. Finally, if you don't like painting...paper models are perfect because they usually come fully painted, weathered and as long as you are neat when you glue them together, they don't need painting.

A few providers of paper models are:

Ebbles Miniatures

World Works Games

I would add a huge list but a quick search on Google will throw up hundreds of links to free downloads rather than the pay-for ones I've linked to above. You will have to just accept that because I am not 'in-to' the whole paper thing, that I don't really know where to start looking.

...HOWEVER, with a tiny amount of search-fu, I have come up with this rather nice link to something worth looking into:

Halo Pelican Dropship

Happy hunting!



    Mel's outdone himself with the UD-41. It's not a scratch build, and you prefer to build instead of using paper models, but you might want to check this one out. The cargo bay is fully functional, weapons are swappable, etc. It is also HUGE. Here's the thread where it went from the old 2006/2007 model into the new beast of a model we have now.

    I haven't bought one myself, but I do own a few of Mel's models. The Percheron is probably my favorite of his models that I own. As a testament to how well he does things, if he made a redesign with a functional interior and the sliding doors from the M722, I'd buy the model all over again.

    I found this blog through some searches for Grymn army lists. I've had my eye on the Grymn for a long time, and I've just been looking for an excuse to get some. I've been looking into picking up a copy of 5150, and I think it might just be the excuse I've been looking for.

  2. I'll agree with the Ebbles stuff...the new Aliens inspired stuff is cool.

    If you plan on getting a Grymn army on the go keep us posted...I'll happily put other peoples ideas up here and would be interested to see different army organisations.