Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Grymn Versatility: The Second Batch.

To follow on from yesterday's post on Grymn versatility, I have a few more pix for ideas. First up, here is a better pic of an Inquisitor and some henchmen:

The Inquisitor has powered armour and has been converted (pose and head-swap). He is joined by a couple of standard Grymn and a converted fantasy Dwarf...never underestimate other ranges to add a bit of further flavour to a Grymn force.

Have you seen Serenity, Star Wars or even Space Balls? If you have, you will soon find out that they have star-ship crew members as the central characters. With this in mind I decided to put together a small crew myself. The crew I chose were all from Hasslefree but none of them were Grymn. They are a mix of pirates, human children and fantasy Dwarfs with a couple of other miniatures in the mix for more variation:

The next pic shows a Mystic Panda who is a rather diminutive version of a Wookie-like character:

In addition to the Panda, there is also a robot and there are future plans to add a Grymn security team to add a bit of punch.

Although I already have a desert force, I thought about making something that looked a bit more 'rag-tag' in nature so I decided to start a Grymn desert veteran army. This will be a fairly small force that will effectively be for reconnaissance and special ops. The whole army has extra equipment sculpted onto it and is being painted with a non-uniform scheme. The next pix shows the sniper squad, complete with partial ghillie-suits (added with green stuff):

Not all of the desert veterans will have ghillie-suits but they will be catered towards the desert environment with water bottles and extra pouches for those extra bits of kit needed for extended periods away from the main base.

So who said the Grymn can't be fun? I would just point them at the rather resigned looking Grymn below. He has obviously agreed to dress up for the children's, charity, Christmas party and is not looking forward to the event:

If that wasn't enough to make you think about what you can do with Grymn then what about changing their skin colour and going for a more evil look? This next pic is one of a Dark Grymn...just a paint scheme change and the world of Chaos is opened:

Add a few chips to the armour and maybe a few arcane symbols here and there and you could end up with a rather menacing character...and maybe a rather evil army to go with him.

As a final note, The Grymn could use all sorts of other miniatures to add to their versatility. Depending on whether you want tanks, APCs, anti-grav craft, giant robot walkers or allies from other races, you can tailor the force the way you want just by picking miniatures and vehicles from other ranges. This last pic shows a converted Grymn with six robots (converted from GW Necron warriors) and an APC from Old Crow miniatures. As a unit, they operate as a building clearance squad:

That about covers all of the bases I have tried so far but there are limitless options because of the fact that the grymn aren't tied to a specific ruleset. I hope the last couple of posts have given you food for thought and if they get you thinking outside the box, then my work here is done.

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