Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Grymn Versatility

I was looking at this blog today and thought that it was in dire need of some pictures so I decided to put a few up to demonstrate the versatility of the Grymn. I'll start at the very beginning by showing a pic of my first army; a desert force:

The army contains a number of conversions; including a Female OGrymn, an OGrymn with a jump-pack and various reposes and head-swaps. You will also notice that I have a group of Judges at the front left of the pic and some Inquisitors at the front right. The army isn't finished yet but I got fed up with painting so many different shades of brown!

My next army pic is one of a complete force. These are my Grymn in temperate DPM. I used the Codex Imperial Guard book for the organisation and the army has two platoons of troops that are backed up by a small Ogryn squad, a Sentinel, a grenadier squad, 2 storm-trooper squads and a selection of heavy weapon squads:

I built this force using an older version of the Codex that had the Doctrines system. I was going to add some transports for the troops using Glaive APCs from Old Crow miniatures but although I got as far as buying the vehicles, I thought the lack of an airbrush was enough to prevent me from painting them...so they are languishing, unpainted, in one of my cupboards.

Finally, I have a small group of Judges. These are supported by a riot control walker which is actually a 1/144 scale Crab walker from the Xabungle Manga show. All of the troops are converted:

To add further flavour to the group I decided to put together some security robots to help the Judges police the populace. These are some of the plastic Daleks that came free with an issue of a Dr. Who comic a while back. I thought that the eyes on the top were perfect for police lights...so that is what made me think of using them as Judge robots:

To continue on an urban theme, I decided to add an army of urban fighters. These would be an infantry army supported by jump troopers, fliers and armoured walkers, transported in APCs. The first troops to be assembled were a platoon of jump troopers. Here are pix of the first two painted units:

There are eight more troops to go in the platoon; a four man command squad and a four man support squad. I have been working on the Urban army for a long time but find painting the camouflage hard work so these are the only painted troops so far. There are many more to come but they will be in a simpler paint-scheme once this platoon is finished.

Finally, for this post, we have my latest project; Grymn Tunnel Fighters. These are a mix of Grymn bodies with heads from Pig Iron Productions and a bit of sculpting to join the gap:

I have a lot of plans for these Grymn and have already painted twenty nine of them with various weapons. Unusually, I haven't even written an army list for them yet which makes them unique because I usually make a list, buy the troops and build the army.

The tunnel fighters will be supported by robots and custom made APCs. All of the ideas are in place...it just needs the time to build everything!

In the next post I will further highlight the diverse uses of Grymn miniatures so please stay tuned.


  1. I make that 205 grymn then Inso... not including robots walkers and grymn... a pretty good haul.

    Beats my 66! and you have a few more painted than me :blushes:

  2. 205 that I've shown so far ;).

    I haven't included a few that I will be putting up soon (desert vets, Chaos, Specialists, starship crew...etc). It's not about numbers though, it's about diversity. When I start gaming with them, I'll be able to use an army for all conditions.

    You may only have a few painted but they look the dogs-danglies and you have transport for them...so it is very much swings nd roundabouts ;).