Sunday, 1 May 2011

Learning the game.

There are times that I think to myself..."Why?"

"Why do I let these little tiny ideas build up momentum so quickly?"


Salute opened my eyes to a small idea and that idea was 'Grymn in Necromunda'.

I have looked over at the Games Workshop site and have discovered that you can get the rules for free, as a PDF so I downloaded the rules and have started reading them.

I have got as far as printing off a gang roster sheet and am in the process of deciding which of the gangs most suit the Grymn. I think that the best two options are House Van-Saar and the Security Patrol (Enforcers...Judge Grymn???).

I am unable to decide which way to go at the moment but will be pawing over the rules until I can come up with a suitable both roster and miniature form.

Watch this space because it is likely to be a bit of a departure for me.

Just to add a bit of a footnote here, if you have any ideas or links to share, feel free to leave comments :) because I am a 'green-horn' when it comes to Necromunda.


  1. As i posted on your other blog the Enforcers are a bit unbalncing to a game, they are rock hard.
    I've a few more articles than those listed on the GW Specialist games site if you'd like them.

  2. Cheers Phil.

    At the moment, I am keeping things really simple until I have properly read the rules so these being unbalanced in game terms isn't so much of a problem because I am a long way off playing the game.

    The trouble is, I NEED to build a gang RIGHT NOW and this one is the easiest of them all because there are only certain options and you don't have to juggle points.

    Once I have read the rules, I am likely to build a more suitable gang and I would definitely be interested in seeing some extra articles.

    My e-mail is

    Cheers :)