Sunday, 12 February 2012

Army painting update.

To follow on from the structure post this morning, I continue with a little progress on the army painting front. This week, I have managed to paint a further twelve troops and re-arrange the support section to fit in with the rest of the basic units (because I won't be using support sections as part of a platoon any more).

Here is the first platoon as it stands (all nicely grouped onto GW's Lord of the Rings movement trays):

I still need to add a further eight troops and the vehicles but I am getting there. While on the subject of vehicles, I decided to unpack some vehicles from storage and here is a picture of the vehicles for this platoon:

From left to right are three Glaives and a Slingshot. The turrets are neatly tucked underneath for storage so can't be seen. I have a further three Glaives and three Slingshots so a purchase of three further Glaives would complete the vehicle selection for the entire company.

I hope to have the last section ready by next Sunday so I will be able to show off the first platoon with finished paint. Hopefully, some decals will start showing up soon and then I can worry about adding some insignia and markings to them. With that in mind, once the final section is painted, the platoon will receive a coat of GLOSS varnish. This will help with adding the decals and will give them a nice elastic varnish coating to protect them. Once the decals have been added they will all get a MATT varnish to take away the shine.

You see? Everything is planned!

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