Sunday, 27 May 2012

The scientists have been busy.

The Grymn super-soldier program is continuing apace and now the small group of characters has been joined by Beast:

He brings additional combat prowess and scientific expertise to the group. The next soldier is one who is a little different. When the scientists started the program they worked on Grymn volunteers and never in their wildest dreams expected one of the revered OGrymn turning up to try the super-serums that were on offer. Well, one did turn up and after taking the serum the already large OGrymn took on giant proportions so he took Goliath as a name and here is a WIP of him (he's the one on the left):

There are more super-soldiers planned but at the moment, I am not racing ahead so for now I just want to finish Goliath.

If you want some reading to keep you entertained, here are two stories for you. The first is finished:

The Duplicate Adventures

The second one is still being written so stay tuned for further instalments:


Both are tales of a space-faring crew of Grymn and a selection of aliens. I hope you enjoy the read.

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  1. Really love this project! They seem so full of character!!