Sunday, 20 January 2013

A new year and new plans.

It has been a while since I last posted on here but the reason for that is I have been focusing on other projects that aren't particularly Grymn in flavour.

From a Grymn perspective, I have been busy trying to finish the Tunnel Fighter army and have now got just one unit and two vehicles to go (before varnish) before I achieve that. My current Tunnel Fighter list runs at:


11 mechs
11 tracked APCs
2 wheeled transports
6 tactical squads
4 close combat squads
1 command squad
1 special command squad
1 medical squad
1 K9 squad
1 drone squad
2 Clanker units

To finish:

1 Clanker unit
1 Medical transport
1 specialist command transport

Apart from the troops and the mechs, here are a couple of pictures of some new things that have happened:

Obviously, once the last three elements are complete, I will take some proper army pics but that may not be for a while. The end of this project is a double edged sword... first of all, I will be sad to see it finished because I have really enjoyed putting all of the elements together but secondly, I will be glad to have it finished so that I can get on with other things... namely my Urban Army.

With the Urban Army in mind, I have already gathered all of the troop uints and most of the vehicles together but last week I also got hold of a squadron of Grymn Walkers... just like this one:

I am hoping that amassing 14 of them will provide the impetus I need to get back into the Urban project in full.

Here's to a positive and productive new year of Grymn goodness.

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