Sunday, 31 March 2013

Grymn News

This week, I found out some good news about the latest Powered Armour Grymn.

They will be available in metal form, at Salute. That means that they will also be available from the Hasslefree Miniatures website very soon.

There is also news of resin masters being made available on their E-Bay STORE... but I need to confirm that and get links first.

In other news, I have planned my powered armour platoon:


Commander with pulse carbine and power sword
2 x bodyguard with claws
1 x Trooper with pulse carbine and power fist

6 Fire Teams:

2 x pulse carbine and power sword
1 x pulse carbine and power fist
1 x mini-gun and power fist

The fire-teams will be arranged with two making a single squad; which can separate for the assault. I have decided to keep away from too much exotic weaponry for this platoon but I may end up revisiting the layout once the first platoon is finished.

I will also need to decide upon their transport option.

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