Sunday, 4 March 2012

Armoured might.

I have been working, feverishly, to finish off the transport vehicles for the 1st platoon and have managed it!:

These just need a gloss varnish, the decals adding and then a matt varnish to finish them.

The next stage is to gloss varnish them and then add decals to the entire platoon, ready for the matt varnish to be applied to the whole platoon as well. It also means that I am very close to the most daunting part of the project...adding decals to everything.

I have all the decals I need (for this platoon) and will have to spend a lot of time trimming them to fit partially obscured helmets. I will also be using some 'decal soft' for the first time so I will have to learn how to use it...interesting times.

With regards to the decals on the tanks, I will have the regiment badge on the front and rear (the roundel), the regiment symbol on the right of the turret and the platoon/section numbers on the left of the turret.

I have decided that this will be the sixth platoon so the numbers on the turret will be: 60 (command) 61, 62, 63 in white lettering. The troops will have the roundel with a white six on the right of their helmet and a 1,2 or 3 on the left (no marking for the command squad).

So... an awful lot of decals. On the bright side, they should look cool once they are marked up though (hopefully). Then all I need to worry about is rank insignia... but I haven't got that far yet (I am thinking that they will be painted on at this stage... but I may change my mind after Salute because I will be able to check out small scale decals there).

With all the focus on the vehicles lately, I will be glad to get back to the troops again.


  1. Woah! That's amazing Inso. Excellent paintjob and a solid selection of colours -I really like what you did there.

    These would look great on the gaming table!

  2. Cheers :)

    They are gloss varnished now, ready for decals...something to keep me busy at the weekend, I think.

  3. Oh and I think that the decal colours will contrast nicely with the grey tones of the vehicle. Keep up the good work!