Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Grymn Airborne Regiment arrives.

As I had predicted, I have been working on the Airborne platoon this week and have managed to finish all of the troops. These were already painted but they needed re-basing, decals adding and a bit of adjustment to their rank badges to bring them into line with the rest of my NMA forces. Here they are, ready for war:

I have taken the simple approach to marking these up for a number of reasons.

1. I have a lot of letters that won't get used so I thought I'd use them
2. These are effectively the Grymn version of the RAF Regiment and they have a much less rigid approach to insignia
3. These are a 'one off' so I could mark them up as I saw fit...but still wanted them to be individual
4. Their helmet markings are similar to the ones on the Walker (another air-force asset)

This means that I will have to go back and adjust some of the insignia tables that I have put up to bring everything together. It is one of the beauties of a project like this...plans change and as long as you remain flexibly minded, it is amazing how you can tie up all of the loose ends.

I have also been working on the drop-ships for this platoon. They are called Pilum Drop-ships and are slightly adapted Tau Devilfish Carriers:

These have had the following modifications:

1. Wing tips removed and the missile launchers removed from the drones
2. Rocket launchers built (using the drone missile launchers) and added
3. Grymn mini-gun replaces Tau burst-cannon
4. Top hatch replaced with a DS base and the original hatch

Not a lot of conversion but the main thing was to remove the drones because they are absolutely tied to the whole Tau idiom. I still need to do a little tidying but they are almost ready for paint.

Hopefully there will be more news soon.


  1. Awesome stuff! Both your work on troops and the idea to convert Tau vehicles.


  2. Cheers.

    My idea for the carriers is that they are sealed up for a fast insert of troops, the rear hatch opens with the carrier still in the air above a drop zone and then the troops jump out, using their jump-packs to arrest their fall. The carrier then hangs about to give covering fire.

    The sort of thing a modern battlefield helicopter does but without the abseil ropes.

    The Devilfish was perfect because it looks like it can carry enough troops, was easily converted (once I pulled my finger out!) and once the drones were chopped off it still looked pretty generic.

  3. Indeed I love the 'modern' feel that your army has mate, but I've found this one a brilliant idea. Keep up the good work :)