Thursday, 1 March 2012

Time changes everything...

Yesterday, I thought I'd add powered armour to the urban army but have decided to change my mind today. I have looked at my new purchases and as awesome as they are, I am not sure that they suit the theme of this particular I'll err on the cautious side and think about it for a lot longer.

I have also been thinking about the mobile nature of this army and I am also starting to have doubts about walkers... I think that tanks would be more appropriate.

It doesn't mean I won't get hold of some of the stunning Hasslefree walker models, just that they may not be added to this army. However...time, like a river, flows... so I may change my mind again.

That is the beauty of such a large project; there is plenty of time to make changes while you are ticking along with putting together the basic units.


  1. Weird. I'd have said that an urban army is the best place for walkers.
    Tanks may have problems moving through narrow streets, whereas walkers avoid that problem.
    Also, the main problem with walkers is their "tall profile" that makes them perfect targets. But in an urban enviroment, you can expect the enemy to attack you from the top of buildings, so profile isn't that important.

  2. I whole heartedly agree but all of my troops have relatively fast transports and there would need to be large vehicles to transport these walkers about or they would fall behind.

    As a deployed asset to a specific warzone, they would work but as part of a mobile army like this they wouldn't.

    I may put together a platoon as a support unit that can be added to any army...or I may just have a walker army :)