Sunday, 1 April 2012


One of the major problems I always have is that I paint too many troops before I varnish them. That means that before I know it, I have a cupboard full of troops to varnish and no enthusiasm to do it. One of the important goals I set for this Urban Army project was to finish each platoon before I moved on to the next one and that meant, all of the decals, insignia and varnishing. Well, the sixth platoon has been completed and if you follow this LINK you will see all of them in their matt varnished glory. The post also shows a few other things but the main point of posting it was to highlight the fact that a certain amount of consolidation is always required to keep a large project on track.

Consolidation allows you to take a step back and see where you are. It allows you to take stock and then plan your next move. It enables you to catch up on all those little jobs that have been neglected and it also gives you the incentive to move things along by completing things and providing a finished item to get enthusiastic about.

The week before last, I had a week at home and managed to complete the 6th platoon (including transport), re-base and re-mark the airborne platoon troops and finish up the conversion work on their drop-ships. I also began looking into the storage side of things and have worked out what cases I will have to buy in order to store each of the platoons.

Storage has become a major problem at the moment and I am really going to have to sort out a few cases soon otherwise I won't have anywhere to put things when they are finished.

The project continues...


  1. It is essential to have sometime off when working on a big project. Else you either put a lot of pressure on your self making the experience somewhat unpleasant, or the quality will slowly deteriorate.

    I have to admit, all your work so far is pretty solid visualy, great quality in your technique and some really cool concepts expanding the Grymn armory even further.

    I guess what I am trying to say is to enjoy you consolidation period; you have done so much thus far, and I suspect we are going to see even more amazing stuff on the future :)

    Btw, the 'Piet Mondrian' tank is pretty awesome, never expected to see some modernist abstraction on a tank tbh!

  2. Cheers.

    It goes without saying that Grymn are my all time favourite miniatures. Many moons ago, I sculpted a few Halflings in powered armour and gave them a bit of a gritty edge (rather than a cooking pot on the head and brandishing a chicken drumstick). When I saw Grymn, they were as close to my concept as I could get... Now we need more OGrymn to go with them.

    But even if they are my favourite, I paint so many that even I get a little bored with them so a change is as good as a rest.

    The Mondrian tank sums me up perfectly. Just when everyone thinks they know where I come from BLAM! I go and do something daft. I like it so far but it is difficult to focus on for too long so it will be a while before it is finished... but it WILL get finished.