Sunday, 21 February 2010

Another trawl and more words from the creator...

I had a quick look through my archives and found another chunk of text from Kev White:

"Fire teams would have a kind of mutual support thing going in, both would have bonuses due to covering fire provided by their partner when fielded against foes that would actually give a damn if hot lead (or plasma) was coming their way. Members of a fire-team need to be within 2 inches of each other to get this benefit.

At least one member of a fire-team has to be within the command distance of their commander, typically 6 inches. The higher rank/more powerful the commader, the larger the command radius.

Members of a fireteam are activated as one. Unit morale depends on the overall number of members in the unit, a fire-team that loses one of it's number (and becomes a single Grymn) continues to fight so long as the unit isn't affected by morale. Orphaned members can pair-up to form new fireteams if neccessary, and single Grymn can pair up with the commander if needed, but they need to be within 2 inches of each other.

Snipers are attached to units like normal support weapons troopers, but they don't need to be within the usual command distance. One trooper in the unit is designated as "Spotter" (which one doesn't need to be told to the opposing player, it could be the commander) and the sniper gets bonuses to hit "spotted" targets so long as they are in LOS of both models.

I'll be making a trooper that is a "Spotter" who will be a specialist type able to give better bonuses to snipers and call in artillery.

Also, max unit size is 10 models, as stated before. The maximum number of heavies is 3 models based on: One commander and three fire-teams (usual two, plus one added).

Max unit size for P.A is 7. Each normal trooper is in effect it's own fire-team, so you can have one commader, up to three troopers and one support/heavy for each of them.

Support/heavy weapons can be attached to fire-teams. If so, they get the covering fire bonuses and not the troopers. If not attached to fire-teams, the support/heavies are under the direct control of the unit commander and have to stay within half of the usual command distance.

Bear in mind that these are just ideas, not set in stone. If they work in playtesting, then fine. If they don't, they'll change."

I think that is all I have from the old Forum of Doom site...and I reckon that's it from the archive from Kev...

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