Friday, 12 February 2010

The Birth of the Grymn.

“On an alien research base hovering in orbit above the planet below, the Sleiti scientists were working tirelessly to create a workforce capable of mining the many dangerous floating through the depths of space. In test-tubes and gestation chambers, life was being created using genetic manipulation and bio-engineering. After years of careful experimentation a viable subject was created and he was known as ‘Experiment #14’.

#14 was a male who grew quickly using artificial growth acceleration. He was given all sorts of simple tasks that he was able to accomplish with ease, even though he didn’t show too much higher intellect. As a labourer he was excellent; being extremely strong with limitless stamina and a determination to finish all the tasks he was given to the best of his ability. #14 was eventually given a regular job, working with the scientists because he was deemed to be no threat due to his placid nature.

As he carried boxes and loaded vats, #14 watched the scientists. While concealing his obvious intelligence from his creators, he soon learned that they were creating a race based on similar genetic coding to him and that they were making an entirely male race to prevent it breeding if any should escape. The scientists were using a genetic marker to show the sex of each embryo and those that showed up as female were destroyed. #14 waited for his chance and when the lab was quiet, managed to swap the genetic marker for an alternative that hid the sex of the embryo on a genetic both male and females would be allowed to gestate without the knowledge of the scientists.

The die was cast.

When 1000 embryos were well developed but not to a level where the sex could be deduced by the naked eye, #14 struck. He grabbed a fire-axe and went to work on the poorly prepared scientists. In a night of carnage he slew all of his creators.
A few days later the research station was boarded by security forces. #14 and the thousand embryos were gone.”

“...and that is how The Father brought us to this planet, along with the equipment to sustain and nurture our growth. Without The Father, we would not exist.” The age worn Grymn looked at the adolescent Grymnlings sat around him and could clearly see the admiration and awe in their eyes.

“Where is The Father now, sir?” asked one of the braver amongst the Grymnlings.

“Wandering...just wandering...he’ll return one day to visit his children; you can be sure of that” he replied with a wry smile and watched as the Grymnlings’ eyes all widened with surprise “now off you have chores to do!”.

With that the small room emptied and the Old Grymn sat in silence, drawing on his tobacco filled pipe contentedly. He knew the peace wouldn’t last so he was determined to make the most of it...

Adapted by Inso from original work by Kev White.

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