Sunday, 21 February 2010

From the mouth of the creator...

This is taken from a post on the Forum of Doom before the site crashed and had to be rebuilt. It was written by Kev White.

Grymn: Army Composition.

Right, I've been meaning to do it for ages, so here goes.

The basic Grymn unit is four troopers plus a unit commander. The unit can be split into two man fire teams, but both need to be near the commander (I don't know if this means LOS, a set distance or whatever. Bear with me).

Unit size may be increased by adding extra troopers in pairs or single heavy/special weapons troopers. One heavy weapon trooper may be added for every "fire team".

Maximum unit size is 10. Commander and four troopers plus extras.

Light infantry: Have the Grymn SMG as basic weapon. They may have grenades as an option upgrade and it assumed that they all have a knife for getting friendly with the enemy. Typical armour is a flak jacket, knee, shoulder and elbow pads and a helmet. Heavy/Support weapons options are Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher and Flame Thrower.

Heavy infantry: Basically the same as light infantry, but they tend to be of slightly better moral (combat vets maybe?) and use the Plasma Carbine (Pulse rifle) instead of the SMG. The "Heavy" designation comes from their ability to take on heavier targets with their improved firepower. Heavy/Support weapons options are the Rocket Launcher and Heavy Pulse Rifle.

Close Combat (Assault): Equipped with dual machine pistols or Shotguns. The pistols can have either barrel mounted grenade launchers underneath, or laser targeters. Shotguns have either Grenade launchers or a double shot facility. All members of a unit will have to have the same weaponry and optional secondary weapon. Most grenades used will typically be smoke rounds to cover any advance across open ground. Heavy/Support Weapons options are Flame Thrower, Grenade Launcher and Multi-Barrelled Assault Shotgun.

Powered armour: Come in units of two troopers plus commander. Standard weaponry is a Dual SMG (two linked SMGs in the same casing) and possibly a Power axe for close quarter actions.

O-Grymn: May be attached to standard units in the same way as for Heavy/Support weapons. They are considered to be standard Grymn troopers, just bigger. They are usually armed with the Battle suit minigun or a Rail gun. Other options include Rocket/Grenade/Missile Launchers and larger versions of shotguns and SMGs.

Battle suits: Fielded in stand alone units, each Battle suit operator is ranked at least "Captain" in the Grymn armed forces. Therefore they can assume command of leaderless units at a pinch. Standard armament is a minigun and rocket launcher combination.

Fire-teams and cooperation seem to be the buzz-words for a Grymn army.

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