Saturday, 13 February 2010

More background.

As I have already mentioned, the Grymn were created by the Sleiti; an alien race that uses bio-technology for many things that other races would use standard, mechanical and electronic technology for. Here is a Sleiti in battle gear:

When the Grymn escaped, the Sleiti were furious because not only had years of worked disappeared but they destroyed the lab and its data-banks before they left. That meant that the Sleiti were forced to start from scratch with their next race of slaves. When they did eventually build a new set of slaves, they called them Bohkin. The Bohkin were made for one hunt down and capture the Grymn. If they couldn't be captured, they would have to be destroyed. The new race was happy to do this because they were genetically modified to be completely subservient to the Sleiti. Here is a Bohkin leader ready to embark on his next hunting mission:

There are other aliens out there but some are less distinct than others. The Druusch are a race that has been infected by a virus that effectively turns them into zombies. They are made up from all manner of different races but have one common trait...they are infected. There is however, one race that the Druusch infection can't attack and that is the Grymn; due to their extraordinary immune system. Here is a Druusch drone:

Adapted by Inso from original work by Kev White.

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