Sunday, 21 February 2010

From little acorns...

...great oak trees grow.

And so it was with my Grymn collecting.

I have collected Games Workshop products since I was about thirteen years old; back in the good old days when White Dwarf magazine had adverts for other manufacturer's miniatures and comic strips like Thrud within it's pages.

Over time I spent a small fortune on Space marines, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Eldar...even Orks but over time the novelty started wearing off. I guess it started when I had collected a Space marine company and the Codex system started...that change in rules meant that half my soldiers would require re-equipping. Over time, more and more rule changes led to more and more disappointment until I began to despair.

...then, while looking on-line, I discovered something awesome...

A Grymn named Aylton. He was everything that I wanted from a sci-fi race. I had always waited for tough looking space-Halflings in power armour but none ever turned up. I had lost hope but then I saw the Grymn and was hooked.

He was better than a Halfling, he was a Dwarf...with knees...who was wearing proper sci-fi kit and carrying a BIG gun.

That is where it started...

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